Should I repair my sash windows or replace them

The age old question of sash window repair vs replacement is a hotly debated topic. Many conservationists and sash window specialists swear by repair whereas modern UPVC companies would much rather see you replace your original sash windows. In this article I take a closer look at the benefits of both and come to the conclusions based on the case studies that we look at. So let’s not waste any time and let’s get straight into the sash window repair versus replacement argument

I need new sill repair and timber splice is it worth the cost or should I just replace?

When you have a sash window sill that requires repair or splicing it would still be considerably cheaper than entire replacement. Sash window sill replacement and repair is a very common thing and also most sash windows specialist will be able to carry this out. Sash window sill replacements will last 15 to 20 years and that will give you plenty of time to reconsider your options when when you’re ready. The other great benefit of retaining your original sash window when replacing the sill is that you don’t have to go with the expensive entire replacement option. Entire replacement will cost literally 6 or 7 times the amount of sash window sill repairs and that is on the basis that you put a low quality UPVC window in place instead of original timber sash windows. If you were to install a timber sash windows then the price would literally be ten times the cost of repair.

My sash is rotten so can I make a quality sash window repair?

If you have a sash that’s not really a problem, because most sash window repair specialists will be able to just simply remove that sash and install a new sash that’s manufactured like for like, that will leave your home looking exactly as it was before but with the sash window structurally good. Most sash window lower rails or upper rails end up rotting at some point because of a lack of maintenance and decoration over the years. That doesn’t mean you should entirely throw your sash window away as a result. It just means that you need to engage your sash window repair specialist that would be more than happy to solve the issues for you.

I’m considering sash window replacement because they are far more thermally efficient.

Just because you have original sash windows doesn’t mean that they can’t be thermally efficient. You can actually have highly efficient sash window draught proofing systems installed into the original sliding sash. Full draught proofing systems can be hidden within the mechanism which means you don’t have ghastly stick on seals yet still have beautiful elegant sash windows draught proof and thermally up to modern standards. These brush piles are made of nylon and will last at least 10 years and that gives you plenty of time to pay yourself back back. Historic England and the energy trust suggest that one sash window draught proofing save you up to £20 per year. If you consider draught proofing system costs £250 and you save £20 a year, direct payback is there but that isn’t the actual biggest benefit of a sash window draught proofing system. The biggest benefit is the fact that it makes your home a more comfortable place to live in.

My sash window cords broken should I replace the entire window?

If you have broken sash window cords or they are frayed and they look like they’re on the way out then have no fear, this is one of the most simple and normal tasks for a sash window specialist , they actually just take the window apart and then reinstall new ropes and attach them to the original sash. These sash window companies do this is part of a standard overhaul draught proof system anyway. I don’t know if you knew this but originally sash windows designed to be serviced by the owner of the property. If you actually took the sash window apart then you would be extremely surprised to see that there really isn’t an awful lot to do. If you could imagine how a set of balance scales works in your kitchen, then you’ll understand the way the weights and sash simply counterbalance each other and the weights are just hidden down the back of the box frame itself. So definitely don’t go to the expense of entirely replacing the window because your sashes needs re-cording.

Conclusion of sash window repair versus replacement.

To conclude there’s absolutely no good reason to entirely replace a sash window because you can repair sash windows in an older home effectively. You might consider that you want to have double glazing because you need to reduce the noise, and that’s a separate issue but as far as actually just getting your window up to a structural sound condition and being able to pass a survey for example sash window repair is absolutely fine.

The other benefit of sash window repair is extremely sympathetic and original sash windows of course look brilliant in a period property. Sometimes it’s not worth taking out original features. Especially if you can work with them and improve them with the thermally efficient draught proofing system.

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