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Everything you need to know about sash windows can be found on this page. Sash windows are commonly found in upmarket properties that benefit from highly skilled master craftsmen of a golden age in joinery that has long since passed. We are left with the beautiful remains and there are still a few skilled tradesmen that work on them today.

In this website and article you’ll find out about every single aspect of sash windows. There are many upgrade resources, tips, tricks and guides that’ll help you establish a fuller understanding of sash windows. So let’s get started with all there is to know about sash windows:

Sash Windows Replacement

Sash windows replacement is a crucial part of modern and period properties. Without this highly skilled service homes would be left vulnerable to the elements. What’s more amazing, the carpenters were developing and making joinery that is still not bettered today. We work hard to replicate their old techniques to ensure sash windows keep their period charm. This is essential for high value properties. The cost of installing uPVC would not just be the sale price. It would also ruin the look and feel of a traditional Victorian property.

Sash window replacements come in single glazing, double glazing, triple glazing, and even quadruple glazing and beyond. The most common glazing types are the first three and the higher spec very rarely used. This is because sash window replacements are pretty costly. You’ll typically be set back in the region of £2000 per window. This would be hardwood and double glazed with a full factory spray finish. Nonetheless this is no small investment and often the reason why some unsuspecting homeowners are caught out by uPVC double glazed salesman.

Normally double glazed units are Argon filled and it’s pretty normal to use this technology in combination with Pilkington low-E glazing. Most sash window replacement methods can be taught and passed down through the generations thankfully.

Sash window repair

Sash window repair is an important part of maintenance for any property owner fortunate enough to have these windows in their property. Typically, every five years or so, it’s necessary to paint, decorate, and repair these windows. If this is kept up at a reasonable pace then you will not ever need to entirely replace your sash windows, instead you’ll be able to continue repairing and making good for tens of years to come. It’s well known that sash windows will last for over a hundred years. Most homes in the UK still have their original windows. This is not by accident. The quality of timber all those years ago was far higher as the timber grew far more slowly. This then left the grain density much lower and the result, a much harder timber, even softwood was harder than more hardwood.

If you don’t decorate your windows in the correct timeframe then get ready for a serious joinery bill. Repairing isn’t cheap; it often costs £240 to replace a sill and just as much to replace a sash. Four new sash cords will set you back around £150 from a local chippy so make sure you have a good look at some online guides because it’s not all that difficult and you can almost certainly do these yourself.

Sash window repair is a great option and it really helps to preserve history. There’s no good reason to entirely replace traditional sliding sash windows as there are a whole host of methods to bring them up to scratch including sash window draught proofing which we will go into now.

Sash window draught proofing

Sash window draught proofing is an important part of sash windows nowadays, this is because old sash windows are cold and let in considerable draught. If they are really bad then they will also rattle in the wind. In a modern era this is simply unacceptable but the good news is  sash window draught proofing actually will stop all of these issues and considerably improve the comfort of your home. It’s not uncommon for sash window draught proofing  to increase the temperature in your property by a good 5 degrees on cold days and allow the temperature to build rather than having the heating full blast and just not quite getting things comfortable. some people find sash window draught proofing and they normally opt for double glazed sash windows as an extra layer of protection. This is really beneficial to noise too but let’s talk more about that in the next section.

Double glazed sash windows

Double glazed sash windows are an incredible invention that have changed the lives for the good of so many people in the UK. Many of us will remember growing up with horrendous cold conditions and even ice on the glass forming where it’s so cold outside. These days double glazed sash windows stop that and really keep the home far warmer. In combination with draught proofing and loft insulation homes are now so much more thermally efficient it’s incredible. In fact it’s hard to recognise a Victorian home as an old leaky thing anymore, so much has the technology of  double glazed sash windows advanced things.

Most double glazing as I previously mentioned is made with Pilkington glazing and then filled with an inert gas called Argon. Actually, there’s a more efficient gas out there called Krypton. The only problem is the cost is rarely justifiable. It can increase the cost of a window by around £100 which is not particularly good value considering how effective Argon is already.

Generally Argon is the preferred choice when installing double glazed sash windows because Krypton being that bit too expensive pushes the price into the range of triple glazing which we will talk about now.

Triple glazed sash windows

Triple glazed sash windows are much like double glazed sash windows except they have an additional pane of glass. This means that there are actually two air cavities as opposed to one. This really really works to reduce he noise pollution in your home. Double glazing is already pretty efficient for heat but triple glazing really ramps up the acoustic efficiency.

Sash window summary

In summary, sash windows are an incredible invention from the Dutch supposedly and they have not been bettered in hundreds of years. By sliding up and down they create amazing vacuums that will suck hot air out of your property on summer days, and with modern draught proofing keep heat in when it’s cold. They look beautiful, and simply need sash window repairs occasionally so that full replacement is not required.

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