Sash windows in London

Sash windows are one of the most amazing inventions. The most people believe that they originated from London and quite possibly it was a fair amount to do with the great London Fire.  The functionality of sash windows is  quite unique because they slide up and down and this allows ventilation at the top and bottom of the window. This means that you can create a circulatory system and that acts as a vacuum to pull hot air out of your property on the summer days.

Sash windows were originally made out of soft wood but the quality of this soft food is far superior to that found today.  Back then softwood was generally known to be BC Pine. Miss soft word  what’s slow-growing and had lots of growth rings per inch.  in time this met with the density of the Timber was high and therefore slow to rot.  You can imagine how this is extremely beneficial for external joinery.

Over the years sash windows have not really been improved upon much. This is because the original design was so good. Being Timber they are also easily repaired. it doesn’t matter if you need a  new sill section or the lowest sash is rotten.  This is all easily repaired because it’s timber.

Sash window technology has advanced considerably in the last 20 years or so. These days it’s very common to have double glazed windows. Once Upon a Time the idea of having family efficient sash windows was just a dream but now almost every single home in London has high quality draught roofing for double glazed windows.  these advancements in technology have made the lives of Londoners so much more comfortable.  I remember 30 years ago when it was common to see ice on the inside of glass. This is a distant memory.  you can   thank the advancement in glass technology for that. Typically we install Argon filled double glazed  units into every single home. There’s other benefits too, the biggest one being the advancement in toughened glass technology. Toughened glass means your children are safe and you don’t have to worry about them falling into the panes and damaging themselves. Normally speaking sash windows have toughened glass as standard nowadays.

Typical sash window London services involved repair, draught proofing, and double glazing.  Almost all sash window specialists can carry out simple work are these days. If you have traditional sash windows you should not throw them away.  They can definitely be repaired and brought up to modern standards without the cost of new windows.

If you think about the cost of sash window repairs it’s a brilliant way to save money. New sash windows can cost as much as £3,000 each and you don’t really know if they’re actually going to be any better than the original ones that you first took out.  because of the quailty of old timber it’s hard to know if the new quality will match it. Even if hardwood is used it barely comparable to high quality Pine from over hundred years ago.

When I spoke to a major sash window company called London sash window repairs they quite clearly told me that keeping the original sash windows is far more agreeable than replacement. London sash window repair normally Salvage about 99% of sash windows. I hate to throw away original Windows where ever possible I would always try to repair them and work with what your existing joinery has to offer. They aren’t alone either. There are hundreds of sash window companies in London to offer days quality repair services.

Sash windows can’t be taken lightly, they should really be looked after. You don’t know how much it will cost if you sell your house. It’s quite normal that you could expect to receive offers £20,000 less because you haven’t got the original sash windows and place. Sash windows in London on tricky just make sure you look after what you’ve got.

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