How to engage a sash window company for repairs and not replacement

If you don’t like new sash windows, here are four or five important components to a good sash window repair, these all add up to making a long lasting, quality looking job. So if your going to have some sash repairs effected then reading this guide will go along way towards helping you understand what’s involved in sash window repair and what it costs.
You simply cannot rule out the possibility of sash window replacement being suggested by some suppliers, after all, this is the job they want to do and they’ll earn far more money from it. Understanding how to avoid being pressure sold new windows is a must and this article tackles that as well.

Quality sash window repairs before replacement

Repairing sash windows has a number of high positive effects, firstly, you’ll save considerable money on replacement. As we already mentioned in our last sash windows article new windows cost from as little as £2000 and believe it or not, you can pay a staggering £5000 per window if you go for a seriously high specification. We recently were made aware of a sash windows North London installation which cost nearly £25,000. They normally repair sash windows but in this case the windows were too far gone and the only economical thing to do was replace.

sash window repairs before replacement
sash window repairs before replacement

When you invite sash window companies around to your property, be clear straight off the bat that you really want to restore where possible. I am not talking about discussing this with the surveyor, that’s too late already. you need to engage the company owner or representative that you first make contact with directly. Be perfectly explicit that you will not be pursuing new windows and that you wish to restore your original windows. Some companies may be disgruntled by this but ultimately, why waste your time? If your not a fit then that’s all there is to it. Most companies will be grateful for your honesty and it’ll certainly mean that you can sift through the companies far more quickly which is good news seeing as there are so many.

Regards to getting a good quote, be clear you know the cost of repairing a window which is around £500. This normally buys a draught proofing system and the odd repair to the original frames. When a sill needs splicing or the head of the frame is bowed then it might be a bit more but it normally comes under standard sash window services. Generally speaking though you would expect to have all your windows repairs for less than £500 a window on average. There are also plenty of one man bands that will do the sash window repairs necessary for around £300 but the problem with those is trust and reliability. I always aim to work with genuine businesses that I can contact in the case of problems down the line. Normally sash window repairs can be covered by a five year guarantee which is great, but useless is a one man band goes out of business two years down the line.

What if I have a specific goal in mind from my sash windows?

So, if it’s at all possible you should be aiming to repair windows before replacing them unless you have a specific task set in mind. For example, if your looking to keep the noise out of your property then of course, single glazing isn’t going to be as useful as double glazing. Two panes of glass work as a barrier to reduce sound waves coming through the glass and normally the first pane significantly reduces the amount of noise and the second pane doesn’t take anywhere near as much of a beating and that really cuts the noise down.

The air cavity depth also plays a huge role in the amount of noise you can cut out, basically the wider the air gap the better the acoustic performance. Something else that really helps with noise reduction is having two different thicknesses of glass. This goes a long way toward cutting difference sound waves which helps the overall dB level dropping.

Another potential plan is heat insulation. You can do some amazing upgrades with a sash window draught proofing system but it will not make things considerably warmer if you have a really large surface area of glass. Single glazing will obviously keep out a good chunk of the heat loss but it’s nothing compared to two or three panes of glass and an air cavity. Double glazed units even come with Argon gas that stops heat transfer. The gas serves to slow down the energy transfer.

Make sure you doesn’t lose sight of sash window repairs

As we’ve just discussed in length double glazing will make a significant difference but you must realise that original windows look beautiful and have already stood the test of time. Ignoring this obvious solution that saves considerable money would be unwise.

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