Sash Window Services

There are many sash window repairs system out there and most companies can assist you with almost any sash window repair or service that you might require. There is a solution for almost every single sash window issue that you may have. Sash window companies can maintain your sash windows, replace, or upgrade.

Here’s is a look at all services from humble sash window repairs through to entire sash window replacement in double glazed hardwood:

Comprehensive Sash Window Draught Proofing – Sash window companies carry out comprehensive draught proofing that can eliminate entirely or reduce draughts by 99%. A staggering improvement on the old rattling sash windows. Without a draught system you have the unfortunate situation of gaps all around the frame. These gaps are required to allow free travel of the sash. The issue is smooth sash travel is then penalised by the draughts that come in causing you serious discomfort.

Counterbalancing Sashes – When sashes are moving up or down without applied effort on your behalf, this is because your windows are probably out of balance. They will need adjustment or the only other possibility is that there sash ropes have become unattached and this has left you with a serious issue. “Only Windows” quotes this cost of repair to be around £150.00

Replacement sill – Sash window companies can replace sills using both hardwood and softwood. The frames have the old defective rot cut away and then treated. From here a sound piece of solif timber is put in. You can choose between softwood and hardwood though its best advised to go with hardwood as it’s more expensive but lats considerably longer. Overall a hardwood sill section is going to cost you less money when factoring a fifteen year lifespan. Typically a hardwood sill is £240 but it will last fifteen years. A softwood sill costs £120 typically and normally it’ll lat five years. That means hardwood gives you five years extra for free.

Replacement Sashes – If you need a sash replacing Sash window specialists can replicate your original sashes like for like meaning that you do not need to entirely replace your windows. This is cheaper and far more sympathetic and once finished repair effected you won’t recognise the window has been changed or realise any repairs have even been carried out.

Replacing sashes where glass was installed. – Occasionally people have installed windows called Louvres. These windows are a problem because they are dangerous and insecure. Removing the glass slats takes seconds and of course large single glazed sheets of glass can cut and even dismember if broken. If you have plastic or aluminium it’s slightly less dangerous but sash window companies are happy to reinstate your windows to the original condition and specification. Also, some people choose to instruct their sash company to install double glazed sash like for like instead.

Re-glazing – When you have a broken pane of glass or you want to improve safety most companies can individually replace panes of glass. You might also want to install obscure glazing into your bathroom windows. It’s possible that a homeowner might want to install safety laminate glass for the sake of their children and improve the security of the home. New glass can be added and replaced as required. There are literally thousands of glazing options so it would be worthwhile taking a look on the Pilkington website for these.

Overhaul your sash windows – There’s the possibility your sash windows don’t travel properly, they might be painted shut, or they simply have not been overhauled for so long that the sash cords have broken. If this is the case there is an option just to replace cords only.

Replacement Sash Windows – When sash windows are beyond full repair there is an option to fully replace. this means taking out the frame and then installing a new window back into the original position. Most companies will aim to keep the original window look and manufacture like for like. There’s more about sash windows replacement on the resource highlighted.

Sash Repairs – If you sash has a little damage and its less than the cost of replacing sash then companies can simply cut out that defective section. This is important when you’re trying to save money and a viable long term solution if all rot is removed. This means treating, and then filling with a two part resin which will bond the timbers back together firmly. It’ll also stop moisture penetrating the timber in the future which is of paramount importance to the longetnetivity of the repair.

Sash window locks – Sash window specialists can install Fasteners and sash restrictors to increase the level of security. Not only will it improve security, it’ll also help you cover your insurance. All homes require you to have a locking window mechanism in order that you are fully covered for insurance.

Replacement Sash Pulleys –Sometimes sash window pulleys will break off their axle or if a plastic pulley, the plastic roller will fail. This is quite a common issue and it’s a simple case of replacing the pulley. You remove the screws and gently pull out the old pulley. Then, carefully you cut the new pulley in and screw it. It’s quite possible that you will not have the exact same pulley.

With all these fantastic sash window services it’s important to bear in mind complete replace and repair have different objectives, not just financially, it’s also a matter of being sympathetic to an original building.

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